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Hi Julius 'et al'

I think you maybe referring to my article in February 2005 CQ, page 20, on 
exercise, diet and contesting titled "Putting Your Heart into Your Hobby". 
It still holds true for me today, not only with DXing and Contesting but 
work in general. Two weeks ago I ended up working ~30 hrs in two days with 
only 1.5 hrs of sleep in between and  I kept thinking this is just like a 
contest. I was barely even tired while others were literally falling asleep 
on their feet.

You just can't beat exercise and diet - they are absolutely the best "drugs" 
available. And they are free!


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I seem to recall an article in CQ (maybe QST) a while back on this subject. 
The person in that article suggested the best thing is to be in decent shape 
and exercise regularly. I have to admit that when I have been doing a lot of 
exercise (read yard work and walking), not only do I sleep better before 
contests, but find it easier to stay awake during contests.

I have used a B complex plus C, but not to stay awake, more to offset any 
possible things like a cold and stress.

My favorite substances to abuse during a contest involve sugar and/or 
caffeine or something chewy during CW events.

I do find getting out of the chair and stretching helps a lot. Thank god for 
the F1 key! ;o)

Oh, aspirin comes in handy from time to time too...


Julius Fazekas

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