[CQ-Contest] Second Century of Radio

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Wed May 27 02:26:21 PDT 2009

In the ARRL Contest Update for May 27, N0AX ends his
"Pushing the Envelope" section with the words "Welcome to
the second century of radio!"  where, presumably, it will
be the norm for us to be actively using the internet while

He says, "I don't think we're at the threshold of radio-less
radiosport by any means, but we do have to keep the deeper
principles of radio contesting firmly in our sights."

We have already passed the threshold of radio-less radiosport.
There are plans for a CQ100 contest in January 2010, which
will be 100% internet-based.  Now that will level the playing
field - no antennas, no QSB, reliable propagation independent
of distance, everyone running the same power.  It will be what
we all want, a test of operating ability - pure and simple. 

There will be another contest that will combine amateur band
RF and CQ100.  If you can't get that mult on 20m, no problem
- get it on CQ100 20m.

Regarding the deeper principles of radio contesting, I am of
the view that there are but two of them - use amateur-band RF
throughout the signal path between the operators concerned,
and don't use other communications systems to arrange,
facilitate or complete contest QSOs. If our shared interest,
amateur radio contesting, becomes (or already is) something
else, then I suggest it needs a new name to reflect the

Paul EI5DI 

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