[CQ-Contest] Second Century of Radio

WT2P - C. Johnson fredwt2p at gmail.com
Wed May 27 20:44:14 PDT 2009

Some brief observations:

A thought popped into my mind, and perhaps we can borrow a page from 
other "sports" if you will regarding this. Would Nascar be the same if 
everyone was sitting in their internet VR chambers with a fake plastic 
wheel driving around a virtual track? Could someone who crashes their 
car in Nascar on a live track (if he's fortunate to walk away) walk into 
a VR chamber and resume the race where he left off, competing virtually 
and keeping his standing in BOTH arenas? No, not at present.

Look at Nascar. There's technology innovations in the cars nowadays (two 
way radios, perhaps electronic on/offboard monitoring for the 
engine/temps, etc.) The same exists for radiosport... There's 
innovations like getscores, the cluster, etc..

While the classes may not be the same (and i'm no nascar expert on these 
new innovations, rules, classes, etc.., so please correct and enlighten 
me if i'm wrong) ... the ideas are still the same.


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