[CQ-Contest] ARRL Field Day - "Please copy ..."

James Cain jamesdavidcain at gmail.com
Sat May 30 03:13:59 PDT 2009

Good catch, Jim. That undoubtedly was not written by a contester, or maybe not even by a ham. An abomination of that magnitude would have been caught back when they had editors there at Mecca. 

But it could have been worse -- Just think if they had "explained" to us the proper way to make a CW contact. 

Jim Cain, K1TN



Many amateurs treat ARRL Field Day (June 27-28) as a contest, even
though it isn't one <http://www.arrl.org/fieldday>. But if your idea
of Field Day fun is to go for the highest score possible, ARRL Contest
Branch Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X, offered the following suggestions at
the ARRL Field Day Forum at the 2009 Dayton Hamvention.

4) When working a station, you should give your exchange information
only once and keep it simple. "Whiskey-One-Alfa-Whiskey, copy three
Foxtrot Connecticut, QSL?" If they didn't get all of the exchange,
they will ask for a repeat.

5) If you are running a pileup: Once you have pulled a call out of the
pileup, give your exchange information first. Here's an example:
"Whiskey-One-Alfa-Whiskey, copy 3F Connecticut, QSL?" Don't ask for
the calling station's information first -- this will reduce any sense
of rhythm and timing in the pileup.

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