[CQ-Contest] Let me explain - what is a top op?

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Wed Sep 2 11:20:05 PDT 2009

Maybe the best way to explain is to tell you how the question arose.  I 
recently posted a set of e-mails on the Contesting Compendium under the 
title "Wisdom from CQ Contest."  Looking at the calls represented there, 
I thought -- If I wanted advice on contest operating, and I could ask 
anyone, who would I ask?  Certainly those guys would be on the list, but 
who are the others?

That's why I wanted to keep it general.  If you could have a 2-hour 
sitdown with any single contester, to ask any questions you wanted to, 
who would you pick?  If he or she wasn't available, who would be next?  
And so on...

If it's too tough to rank people, then why doesn't everyone just give me 
10 calls, and I'll rank them by how many times they appear in everyone's 
top 10 lists.  I don't want to make this hard, or even too serious -- we 
have too much of *that* on here already. I just want to know who people 
think are the most respected contesters of the current crop.

73, Pete N4ZR
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