[CQ-Contest] Techniques of Ye Olden Days

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At the QSO rates when contesting from HK was not practical to use the dupe sheet during the contest. My first big log, 1300+ Qs, it took me one week to sort the dupes out, taking the first QSO and looking for it all the way down to the end of those handwritten papers. Next, go to the 2nd QSO and repeat, dumb way to do it. Next test was almost 2000 QSO, so I decided to use a giant Dupe Sheet on an A1 size paper (that is the same size of 2 rows by 4 columns of letter size A4's or 22" x 34") to clean my log after the contest, of course.

I developed the skill of being able to send CW with my left hand while writing a different thing on the log at the same time with my right hand. Now you just press F1 or F5 or ENTER to send while you grab and munch a sandwich. That was another privilege for the CW op only; eating or drinking while contesting/QSOing, not anymore, now we have voice keying with recorded messages.



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> Mine were the 11 by 17 inch paper size!
> and sometimes we needed to make two!
> We started sliding them some too,  like making the 6 land bigger and the 
> 7 land smaller  etc.
> Joe WB9SBD
> Warren C. Stankiewicz wrote:
> >Ah, dupe sheets.
> >
> >The master of dupe sheets has to be Fred Laun, K3ZO. 
> >
> >His dupe sheets were HUGE. Easily the size of a table top. I don't know
> >where he got the idea to do that (Fred?), but they were truly amazing.
> >
> >What makes it even more interesting is that in terms of logging accuracy,
> >Fred was always one of the top ten most accurate loggers I ever knew. I know
> >part of that was call sign recognition (which is incredibly important), but
> >I have to believe that in the pre-computer days, these massive masterpieces
> >had to have played an important part.
> >
> >73,
> >
> >Warren, NF1J
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