[CQ-Contest] ALL ASIAN DX Contest SSB this weekend

Hide JH8KYU jh8kyu at qsl.net
Thu Sep 3 08:14:50 PDT 2009

Hi, contesters,

I'd like to remind you of the ALL ASIAN DX Contest SSB (AAPH).
That will be held on this weekend (Sept.5-6).

You can find the official rule on the following JARL web page.
The result of 2008 is linked to the same page.

I hope the condx would be good as well as last AACW.

Do you know JARL doesn't insist on their unique submission form ?
JARL has the original form using some <tag>s, and they provide 
the tool to help creating its submission data on the above 
mentioned web page.
But they also accept Cabrillo data created by N1MM, TR4W, Writelog 
or any other logging programs so far, though they haven't defined 
the official Cabrillo form for the AA test yet.


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