[CQ-Contest] CQ WW RTTY Bulletin

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Fri Sep 4 11:56:55 PDT 2009

The 2009 CQ WW season opens with the RTTY mode on 26-27 September.  Over
15,000 unique call signs showed up in the 2008 CQ WW RTTY contest across
2000+ logs received.  The CQ WW RTTY contest has great activity which
provides an opportunity to increase band-countries.  Since the contester is
less involved in the signal decoding with RTTY, an opportunity is also
provided to focus on and hone many other contesting skills, e.g., SO2R,
timing, tactics, etc.  These common skills apply equally well to the CW and
SSB.  Many contesters find the diversity of different transmission modes
enrich their contesting.  Many find that the CQ WW RTTY is simply a lot of
Club competition is a great way to rally members to work toward a goal and
increase operating activity within the club.  You can set up a challenge
with a rival club and use it to get more members on the air to experience
RTTY.  The big clubs will want to energize their members and try to unseat
the perennial winners from Germany, the Bavarian Contest Club and the
Rhein-Ruhr DX Association!
Another way to support the contest is by sponsoring a winner's plaque.
Plaques can be sponsored by clubs, organizations or individuals.  Take a
look at the awards web page, http://www.cqwwrtty.com/plaques.htm, and
contact plaque manager K4GMH, Mike, to sign up for a plaque.  If you'd like
to sponsor a plaque not listed, just propose it to K4GMH.
Finally, you can contribute to the CQ WW RTTY contest results article in CQ
magazine by noting anecdotes, stories of your operation and by taking some
pictures to share.  Contest expeditions are always interesting; however, the
majority of us operate from home.  Documenting your home efforts is equally
important and relevant to many.  Send any comments and pictures to
mailto:w0yk at cqww.com after the contest.
Looking forward to hearing you all at the end of September and "printing"
many of the regular call signs plus lots of new ones!
Ed - W0YK
CQ RTTY Contest Director

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