[CQ-Contest] [NCCC-blue] NCCC Thursday & Friday Night Practice, Sept. 11 & 12 UTC - NA SPRINT rules, 30 Minutes!

Eric Hilding b38 at hilding.com
Thu Sep 10 17:41:42 PDT 2009

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. lest any of us forget, the NA SPRINT RULES have
DIFFERENT QSY RULES than our normal TNC (NS) Rules:


11. Special QSY Rule: If any station solicits a call (by sending CQ, QRZ?,
"going up 5 kHz," or any

other means of soliciting a response, including completion of a QSO where
the frequency was

inherited), they are permitted to work only one station in response to that
solicitation. They must

thereafter move at least 1 kHz before calling another station, or at least 5
kHz before soliciting other

calls. Once a station is required to QSY, that station is not allowed to
make another QSO on the

vacated frequency until or unless at least one subsequent QSO is made on a
new frequency.


One reason I felt I should mention this is because I really don't want to be
calling CQ-CQ-CQ with no answers tonight after maybe working someone on
14.045 and QSY'ing UP 5Khz to 14.050 --- or working someone on 14.035 and
QSY'ing DOWN 5Khz to 14.030 :^)


FYI & 73,


Rick, K6VVA * The Locust




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UTC - NA SPRINT rules, 30 Minutes!


This week, we'll use the real North American SPRINT rules for the Thursday
and Friday practices,
Sept. 10 & 11, local date in North America;  Sept. 11 & 12,  UTC.
Test out your loggers and station, practice the NA Sprint rules.

30 minutes starting at 0230Z, and three bands; 80, 40, 20m!

NA SPRINT RULES:   (NO DUPES on the same band)-- CW only, CHOICE OF POWER,
mults count ONCE (NOT PER BAND)
BANDS:  80, 40, 20m: --  near 40 Khz from the bottom.

The SLOW SPEED CW NS practice continues on Thursday,  0200-0215Z: Check for
W9RE's announcement on CQ-Contest for details.

The  schedule of Thursday (sometimes Friday also) events through October is
now posted on the NEXT NS page at:

General rules and further info at: http://www.ncccsprint.com/

-- Report scores near 3610 LSB after the practice,  at 0300Z (7 PM PDT) on 
the weekly NCCC contest net), or send your score directly to the 3830
Thanks to WA7BNM and N7WA for their posting service.

Next week, Sept. 11, NS rules, CW;  Sept. 12, SSB NA SPRINT Practice @ 0230.

CU, N6RO    

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