[CQ-Contest] Texas QSO Party - September 26-27

Chuck-NO5W no5w at consolidated.net
Wed Sep 16 19:30:49 PDT 2009

Late September and a hint of fall in the air mean it's time again for 
the Texas QSO Party and Texas mobiles headed out to the party to the 
tune of their unofficial theme song -- Miles and Miles of Texas -- their 
to the XYL when she asks "Well, how'd it go"? 

You can check out our coverage map 
<http://www.no5w.com/TQP2009_AnnouncedCoverage.html> to see how we're 
progressing on activating all of the counties. Check out the route plans 
<http://www.no5w.com/TQP2009_RoutePlans.html> to see who is going where 
and when. Currently we've got 176 counties that have announced plans to 
be on the air. Quite a few additional counties will be announcing 
activity once some mobile route planning is finalized and at least 
another half dozen mobiles join the party.

    Session 1: 0900  - 2100 CDT Saturday September 26
    Session 2: 0900 - 1500 CDT Sunday September 27

*Rules of Engagement* may be found at the TxQP website <http://www.txqp.net>

*Awards:* This year we've been able to recruit sponsors for 33 of the 36 
plaques for first, second, third place in each category, so we've got 
plenty of plaques for the top scorers.

We've always been fortunate to get a little help from your friends in 
putting on the TxQP and this year is no exception. In fact, in addition 
to our regular visitors from KS and OK, we've got at least a couple of 
new visitors coming down from north of Texas -- both great CW ops. 
You've heard'em and worked'em both in the recent KS QP. One'll be side 
swiping his way through northeast Texas and another will be touring the 
panhandle possibly teaming up with another fellow from up KS way who has 
been known to operate tow truck mobile in the the TxQP. And of course 
we're anticipating WW5X from OK City coming over to the panhandle to 
serve up his short and long stacks of counties from some of those 
multiple county lines.

Along with those visitors we've got some new TX mobiles that we've 
recruited this year and some new fixed stations including several 
multi-ops. Those, along with a lot of the regulars, mean its shaping up 
to be a good one. Down Texas way we're looking forward to having you 
join us for another fine Texas QSO Party. Come on down!

TxQP Coordinator


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