[CQ-Contest] Results of Age Survey

K1AR at aol.com K1AR at aol.com
Mon Sep 28 10:09:39 PDT 2009

You may recall about a month ago, based on a thread discussing contest  
experience and age, that I would gather and analyze the information for you  
based on an informal survey. What follows is a summary of the data that I  
received over the past few weeks. Although not statistically valid, the  
results are interesting at the very least. Enjoy! 
73 John, K1AR 
Total Responses: 160 
Responses by Geography:  
US/VE – 122 
DX – 38 (31 - Europe; 7 - Rest of  World) 
Total Average Data: 
Average Age - 52 
Age First Licensed - 7 
Age Started Contesting - 22 
Years of Contest Experience - 29 
US-only Data: 
Average Age - 55 
Age First Licensed - 16 
Age Started Contesting - 23 
Years of Contest Experience - 31 
DX (all non-US) Data: 
Average Age - 45 
Age First Licensed - 18 
Age Started Contesting -19 
Years of Contest Experience - 25 
Europe-only Data: 
Average Age - 43 
Age First Licensed - 18 
Age Started Contesting - 19 
Years of Contest Experience - 24 
Other interesting  observations: 
    *   Lots of non-US contesters started in club  stations, even before 
they had their own personal callsigns. 
    *   Field Day and the ARRL Novice Roundup were the  two operating 
events that spawned interest in contesting for many survey  participants. 
    *   The senior member of this group is Jim, W3CP,  who is 92 years 
young. Cal, K0DXC, wins the youth prize at  14. 
    *   There are quite a few contesters in this group  that got off to a 
late start, often being a ham for decades before starting to  operate 
    *   Although a small sample, it would seem that  European (and non-US 
overall) contesters are indeed a younger group compared  to their US  

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