[CQ-Contest] 1100+ CQ WW RTTY Logs Received

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Wed Sep 30 22:26:45 PDT 2009

Over 1100 logs were received in the first 24 hours following CQ WW RTTY last
weekend!  That's a great testament to the participation as well as the
expedience in log submittals.  The robot flags format problems and reports
back to the submitter about what needs to be fixed.  Keep resubmitting until
the robot is happy.  In turn, the log checkers will be happy, because they
won't have to fix format issues on the log.

Ed - W0YK
CQ RTTY Contest Director

Ed Muns
Muns Vineyard - www.munsvineyard.com 
FaceBook - www.facebook.com/munsvineyard

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