[CQ-Contest] CD Parties

Aldewey at aol.com Aldewey at aol.com
Tue Aug 10 04:44:38 PDT 2010

I don't remember the reason they were stopped but I think, for the most  
part, the NAQPs have taken their place.  As I recall, CD parties happened 4  
times a year , though.  Most of them were open to ARRL appointees only  
although I think at the end they instituted "Open CD Parties".  Most of the  
participants were Official Relay Stations (ORS) and I suspect that much fewer  
guys are involved in handling NTS traffic these days.
Al, K0AD
In a message dated 8/10/2010 5:06:24 A.M. Central Daylight Time,  
bparry at rgv.rr.com writes:

I was  trying to remember why we quit having CD parties.  They were my  
favorite contest.

Any of you old guys remember?

Bill  W5VX

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