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Hi Joe
I would have thought this argument was settled at the WRTC - a fully filtered FT1000MP 
1st and Second place at WRTC 2010....in fact three of the first four places...
Preference FT1000MP then FT1000D with SDR rx on second receiver - for "pan adaptor"
3rd place Orion 11 - a radio I would like to use more often...
after that its radios in the dark ages like...
The old TS180S Kenwood in its day was a brilliant radio..for an SSB operator didn't use CW back then...tempted by one on ebay at the moment..hihi
My preference is for radios with Yaesu style audio response due to spending to much time around Jackhammers..mining black opals at Lightning ridge
Trent VK4TI

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If money was no object.  As well as age.

What would be your dream HF rig?

If you could have anything no matter what it cost, or it's age.  list 
your top ten or five say.  with of course #1 being what you would want 
the most?

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