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Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
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No, I believe the CD parties continued on well past the bicentennial.

If Doug W3HDH is still on the reflector, he might be able to confirm the
dates, but as I recall... 

After the ARRL forced the Pa QSO Party to shift from the end of September to
mid October (to avoid conflict with the ARRL September VHF contest, after
the dates were re-aligned) the October Open CD party got moved to the same
weekend as the new PaQP weekend.  I know I was among quite a few unhappy
about that (and basically got told "tough"). As it turned out, it was one of
the best things to happen to PaQP, as it was suddenly very easy to work a
lot of the Section multipliers during the time the two events overlapped.

When the CD parties finally faded away, and this had to be in the early
1980's, I was sorry to see it go for that very reason.

73, ron w3wn

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If you recall, in the summer of 1976 the Open CD party which would have been
held in July was replaced by the one-time-only bicentennial contest, and
after that the CD parties were kaput.

I've always wondered what happened to some of the titans of the CD parties,
like W2FZK.

  - Pat
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