[CQ-Contest] [FS] 100' + Rohn 45

hank.k8dd hank.k8dd at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 08:10:04 PDT 2010

Get ready for the fall season!

10 straight sections of Rohn 45G - used, no rust at all, have most of the
bolts in decent shape
1   straight section of Rohn 45G - new never used, with new bolts
1   straight section of Rohn 45G - new, one bottom leg bent in about 1 inch,
with new bolts
1   anti-climb shield for Rohn 45G
1   rotator plate for Rohn 45G - some rust - goes with the tower
1   rotator plate for Rohn 45G - clean - goes with the tower
3/6 EHS guy wires - about 10 pieces, mostly in the 80 to 100' range -- goes
with the tower  -- no guy grips
$1700 for all of it

2   anti-climb shields for Rohn 45G                 $50 each    Two for $75

Pictures provided on request.
Delivery - I'll drive the first 50 or so miles!

Offers graciously accepted as long as I can laugh!

73    Hank    K8DD
k8dd at arrl.net

"I knew that God put me on this earth to be on the radio."    Ed Bradley

"Me too!"    K8DD

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