[CQ-Contest] Upcoming: 56th WAEDC CW

James Cain jamesdavidcain at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 13:42:29 PDT 2010

Barry: Beginning with contact number two, give each contact one QTC. Moral 
dilemma solved.

This will occupy your time so you won't grit your teeth as much about the 
restricted CW operating segments for this contest.

Jim Cain
At The K1TN Superstation
Atlantic City


What is the righteous way to dispense my QTC points?
Can it be done fairly?
Should I give them only to friends?
Should I save them until late in the contest and then
give them out only to "serious" stations with high QSO
How does one morally support the giving of a bunch of
points to only selected stations?


Barry, W5GN 

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