[CQ-Contest] Question for Rookie Roundup

DickT-W0RAA dickt at w0raa.com
Sat Aug 14 14:55:51 PDT 2010

In section 6.6 of the rules for the ARRL Rookie Roundup it says, and I quote: 

"6.6. Non-rookie operators are encouraged to assist Rookie operators in person 
with operating technique and instruction, including acting as the control operator 
to allow Technician class licensees to transmit with General or Extra class 
privileges.  Non-rookie operators may not, however, initiate any transmissions 
from the station or log any contacts."  

Now, my question:  Can a General or Tech/Tech Plus operate in the part of the 
bands that are for Extra or a higher class license than they currently hold?  The 
way the rule is written, it sounds like they can, but I doubt it.  I have offered my 
station to any "Rookies" that want to operate in the contest from my QTH, but I 
don't want them to get a violation or me to get one if they are operating in the 
General part of a band, while only holding a Tech ticket.  

Can somebody clarify if I am reading the above quoted section incorrectly or 
am I right to allow them to use their call at my station in the Extra part of the 
bands, if I am sitting as control operator?  If they use my call, they wouldn't be 
a Rookie, as defined in the rules of the contest.  

Hope to hear from somebody as soon as possible.  



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