[CQ-Contest] "QTC?"

Mats Strandberg sm6lrr at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 13:16:36 PDT 2010

Steve, you probably have a valid point in your comment...

However, I must say that this year was my first "half-serious" attempt in

As a European station with moderate equipment, QTCs really enhanced the
feeling of the contest. Even if I did not have the power to beat the biggest
piles, the result in the contest became really nice thanks to the QTCs...

215 QSOs and more than 400 received QTCs ended up in 120 k points for a
really relaxed effort.

Next year I will for sure make a bigger effort in WAE, because it is indeed
a contest that creates a challenge for the operator skills, and not just
make the big guns a winner.

Anyone that is capable to receive QTCs will benefit trememndously in the
overall competition - and this person will not significantly miss the huge
amplifiera and stacked arrays. He can still be in the top due to smart
balance between QSO, mults and received QTCs.

73 de R3/SM6LRR

2010/8/15 Steve London <n2icarrl at gmail.com>

> S56A wrote:
> > Pete, can you imagine how much fun EU contesters have fast typing up to
> 2K
> > QTC for 36/48 hours?  Small group of most dedicated ones would ask you
> for
> > QTC.  It is a favour for you as 10 QTC points are much easier than 10
> QSO.at
> > any rate.
> The downside is that QTC's discourage little guns and propagationally
> challenged
> folks from participating at all. Can you imagine how frustrating it is to
> be a
> non-EU station doing S&P, get beaten out by station W2XYZ, and then have to
> wait
> through 1 QSO and 10 QTC's before getting another chance to call the EU
> station ?
> 73,
> Steve, N2IC/Propagationally challenged
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