[CQ-Contest] "QTC?"

Randy Thompson K5ZD k5zd at charter.net
Sun Aug 15 17:13:38 PDT 2010

QTCs are what make WAE unique.  I find my attitude changes as I go through
the contest.  During the first day or when running for the first time on a
new band, the requests for QTCs are nothing but trouble.  However, as I get
to Sunday afternoon, it becomes a game to see if I can get rid of them up to
the last QSO.

Ever since the computer started sending the QTCs, they are very boring.  I
will not send QTCs to any station that I do not think will be able to copy
them without asking for repeats.  Too frustrating!

Fun contest this weekend.  Nice to see the bands open and activity

Randy, K5ZD

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> Further to the discussion about when and to whom QTCs should 
> be offered....
> Yesterday afternoon, I was having some very fast and 
> enjoyable runs in WAE.  I mean last-10 rates of more than 200 
> QSO's per hour, almost too many stations calling to manage.  
> Then, out of the blue, a big gun arrives on frequency.  
> "QTC?", he shouts.
> This, to me, is one of the biggest reasons for non-Europeans 
> to be unhappy about WAE.  If I'm running fast, the last thing 
> I want to do is break off to send "QRU", much less stop 
> entirely and do a QTC exchange while my pileup goes 
> elsewhere.  Running fast is what I enjoy most, and if I'm not 
> trying to win the contest, then I'm in it for fun.  "QTC?" is 
> a fun-buster, whether tossed into the pileup out of the blue 
> or delivered at the end of a run QSO.
> So, let me suggest a simple guideline - be extremely 
> selective in asking a *running* non-European if he wants to 
> do a QTC.  Unless he's really struggling (pretty unlikely on 
> Saturday anyway), it will not be welcome, and almost 
> certainly with get a grumpy "NO." Wait till Sunday, or wait 
> for him to call you when you're running.
> -- 
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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