[CQ-Contest] /QRP

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Mon Aug 16 13:08:13 PDT 2010

BlankDuring this weekend's WAE, I tuned on a station that had called CQ and 
a K9 station was answering him.  The K9 had /QRP tagged to the end of his 
call.  I didn't want to call over him so I just waited.

The European station kept trying to get the call and was sending 

If a station is really having problems copying your signal, and you're 
really weak, why hang the /QRP on the end of your call.

I know of some die-hard QRP'ers who always do very well in the contests and 
none of them have the /QRP tacked to the end of their call.

Just wonderin'  73

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