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kr2q at optimum.net kr2q at optimum.net
Mon Aug 16 16:27:14 PDT 2010

Well gosh...I can't resist this one.

Actually, I'll only share a little story (anecdote).

About a million years ago, on 20 SSB, there was this famous guy named FRED from Thailand.
He was running a big pileup.  I only had a QRP rig.  Fred was trying to get in touch with some
guy named Bob (who was somehow related the CQWW Contest Committee).  

Well, I knew Fred was a great CW op, so when I heard a pause in the pileup, I called him
with my call at 45 wpm "/QRP" (on cw).  After several more QSO's and cw attempts, this guy
named FRED finally stopped the pileup and said (more or less), "I'm on phone, not cw and I don't
care if you're QRP or not."

Well, I was only trying to get through to find out what the QSP might be.  So I stopped calling,
called this guy named Bob on the telephone, since we knew each other REAL WELL (he was
living in FRED's house at the time) and I said, "Fred is looking for you on 14.2xx.  And when
you work him, tell him it was the QRPer who called you on the telephone."

Bob got on, worked Fred, and told him the story.  Fred then blindly called "the QRPer," but I didn't
need HS on cw or ssb using QRP, so I never called in.  I was only trying to get the QSP.

So yes, almost NEVER send QRP.  :-)

de Doug KR2Q-rp

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