[CQ-Contest] /QRP

KU7Y ku7y.cw at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 18:41:31 PDT 2010

Let me throw something else out here.....

First, I agree with not using /qrp when calling a station..... nothing but a 
time waster IMHO.  Same holds true for DX pileups!

But... when I would be running stations I would add /qrp once in a while.

Why?  Well, here is what my little mind kept telling me.... (and that 
doesn't make it right!)....

Say someone is running a KW and they hear me just above the noise.  If they 
happen to hear the /qrp they should know that they should be louder than 
that on my end and call me.  Otherwise they might just think it's too poor a 
path and move on.

The same thing with another qrp station hearing me.... if he knows I'm also 
qrp then they will call but if they were to think I was qro they may well 
just look for a loud station to call....

OK, back in my hole,

Ron, KU7Y
SOWP 5545M
Caldwell, ID
ku7y at qsl.net 

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