[CQ-Contest] Slashed Zero Fonts: DO NOT DO THIS!!!! GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAY!

Sat Aug 28 07:14:23 PDT 2010

Slashed zeros are fine... the font used to display does not change what goes
into cabrillo since it is a plain ascii file.  There are several good fonts,
we use Monaco in n1mm logger here and it looks nice.

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> While a slashed zero (Ø) may look pretty, logging software does not
> recognize Ø as a zero.
> Just as O looks like a 0, if you submit your log with noke instead of n0ke
> (apologies to N0KE
> for using his call as an example), you'll end up with a BAD call
> assignment.
> In the very old days, lower case L was used as a 1 (when using a
> typewriter).  Nobody today
> would log klar instead of k1ar.  Equally, nobody should be logging noke
> instead of n0ke, etc.
> Forgo the appearance; use the correct letter/number when submitting your
> logs.
> de Doug KR2Q
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