[CQ-Contest] Slashed Zero Fonts: DO NOT DO THIS!!!!

kr2q at optimum.net kr2q at optimum.net
Sat Aug 28 07:32:04 PDT 2010

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Well Doug I've used a font called 'WINPACK' for many years. I use it because it has a slashed zero. I've never had a log rejected by any contest committee. I've received certificates from ARRL, CQ, & JIDX all the time using the font called 'WINPACK'. The N1MM software has no problem recognizing the slashed zero.
I just looked at the Cabrillo I submitted for NAQP and it has the slashed zero font in it.
It works for me.........

Yes, OK.  If the font simply DISPLAYS a real zero with a slash, no problem.  I was concerned about folks substituting a symbol which looks like a slashed zero for a "real" zero.

Thanks for the clarification!

de Doug KR2Q

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