[CQ-Contest] Slashed Zero Fonts: DO NOT DO THIS!!!!

Bill bill at ng3k.com
Sat Aug 28 09:22:53 PDT 2010

On 8/28/2010 11:10 AM, Jim Rhodes wrote:

> Using a slashed zero font does not change the data, only what
> shows on YOUR screen. An ascii 48 is still an ascii 48, it just
> shows up on you screen with a slash through or a dot in the middle
> of the zeros. I have been using them for decades now and have
> never had and never will have trouble with log checking software.

All true, and it's hard to imagine a logging program that would put a 
"Latin o with a stroke" where an ASCII zero belongs.  Problems start 
when Web page creators (and others) start using "Latin Letter o  with 
Stroke" (ASCII 216 and 248) rather than zero (ASCII 48) in call signs. 
There is a temptation to use ASCII 216 and 248 because these will almost 
always look like a slashed zero when displayed.  But doing so screws up 
sort routines and creates other potential problems.



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