[CQ-Contest] WPX call question

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Tue Aug 31 17:45:19 PDT 2010

While I'm not familiar with the two stations, a quick look at the prefix
cross reference shows that CR6 was the pre-1976 regular prefix for Angola,
so it's very possible that a special WPX prefix call was assigned.

And XX7 was a pre-1976 prefix for Mozambique.  Now considering that the
regular pre-76 prefix was CR7, and the regular pre-76 prefix for Macao was
CR9, a clear pattern appears here.  So it's very possible that XX6 was a
special WPX prefix call as well for Angola.

So my strong suspicion, pending hard evidence to the contrary, is that these
were the WPX special calls for, most likely, CR6LF & CR6OZ, and that they
were (are) located in Angola.  I wouldn't change a thing.


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The 1975 WPX SSB results show CQ6LF and XX6OZ as being in Angola.  Does
anyone know anything about these calls and can confirm or correct their

Randy, K5ZD

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