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These comments amuse me from a VK contest perspective - 
In most of our contests due to lack of numbers we have multiple contacts with other stations - usually in three hour banks- 
you need to be polite to everyone so they come back and work you in the next round...sometimes this might mean you find out that the operator is working portable from a caravan park and has caught some fish that morning and his wifes name is Gladys and that he has a son in law not far from where you are operating ! But many a time I have worked these guys in every 3 hour slot and no-one else has...
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> There's a right way and a wrong way to do things, and
> saying something inane like "Please copy my number..."
> at the beginning of an exchange is just plain poor operating
> technique - and, yes - a waste of time.

Wow!  Really!

I like "rate" as well as the next guy, but get a grip!  It's HOBBY!

So some oldtimer harkening back to his traffic handling days says "please 
copy my number"..... at conversational speed of 400 words per minute, that 
works out to 600 milliseconds out of your life.

Give it a break ..... that old dude is only gonna be around maybe three or 
four more SS weekends, and his "poor operating technique" will no longer be 
a waste of your time.

Come to think of it, how many more SS weekends do you expect to see? 
Quitcherbitchen and enjoy having those old geezers in the contests.

73, de Hans, K0HB
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