[CQ-Contest] a little more fairness?

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 08:33:58 PST 2010

I only see your Nr 5 argument as  a reason. All the other reasons are 
applicable to many other places (south of zone 17, VK and ZL, zone 1 etc). I 
did contest from zones 22 and 28. The results achievable from there with 
pretty simple setup are not even dreamed about from my home zone 17. 
Propagation down there in the south is so much better. This year 8Q7DV, 
Vitalij (RN4WA) made 4400 QSO and over 5.6 mil points having no 160 meters 
antenna at all and using just vertical dipoles on 20-15-10. That is about 
the result of a well equipped SOAB HP entry with  high monobanders from zone 
17. I do not think that doubling points for these zones would be fair at 

73, Igor UA9CDC

> A modest proposal....  Could the contesting community consider cutting 
> some slack to a neglected part of the contesting world, specifically CQ 
> Zones 22, 26, 27 and 28, South Asia area.  I suggest doubling the point 
> count for working stations in this area from outside the zones.
> The reason is that (1) most beams are from NA to EU or the reverse or are 
> on JA (these headings are a long way from S. Asia usually), (2) many very 
> high power stations clustered in EU tend to drown out S. Asia to all in 
> EU, (3) the start time of 0000Z gives very poor first hours to S. Asia 
> stations due to prop at those hours, and (5) there are just not as many 
> one-hop stations to work within these and near-by zones and (5) not many 
> stations in S. Asia do contests partly due to what is listed here.
> The playing field is just not flat, not nearly, and looks more like a 
> mountain between S. Asia and the large collections of contesters in EU and 
> NA.  So, I ask this be considered because it will also liven up contests 
> and add more challenges.  I will certainly encourage S. Asia stations to 
> participate more and longer.
> 73, Thanks, HS0ZCW
> Charles Harpole
> k4vud at hotmail.com
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