[CQ-Contest] NAQP CW - Jan 8-9

Ted Bryant W4NZ at comcast.net
Tue Dec 14 18:41:36 PST 2010

I think 40m is not the only problem.  Isn't there a similar conflict between
RTTY and CW on 80m?  It's the same amount of spectrum.

73, Ted W4NZ

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I tend to agree. The amount of QRM from RTTY during NAQP CW is significant.
As WF3C notes, RTTY contesting is getting more popular each year.  Looking
at the ARRL RR spots, there was RTTY activity as low as 7.033 KHz.

We have run-ins with RTTY and PSK on 40 meters all the time during the NCCC

Pressing on with the NAQP CW like its no big deal is bad policy.

73 Rich NN3W

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> Bruce,
> I'll offer the other side of the coin for argument's sake, because I think
> there is more to the potential conflict between the two contests in
> question
> than your email makes it appear.
> First, as to your point that, in 2000 and 2005 the CW NAQP and RTTY
> Roundup
> were held on the same weekend relatively harmoniously, I would point out
> that RTTY contesting has grown explosively in the last 5-6 years. In fact,
> in 2005 the high score for RU was posted by P43P with just over 2,000
> QSOs.
> In 2010 P49X logged nearly 3,000 QSOs to win the contest. In 2005 there
> were
> 922 stations submitting logs to the ARRL for the Roundup. In 2010 there
> were
> 1,592. It seems to me that the bandwidth that RTTY Roundup will require,
> and
> therefore the potential for interference between the participants in the
> two
> contests, may be considerably more in 2011 than it was in 2005.
> Secondly, I would not support abandoning the traditional 2nd weekend in
> January for the NAQP, but I would propose, in years where there is a
> conflict between Roundup and the NAQP CW, switching the January NAQP CW
> and
> NAQP SSB weekends. Interference between NAQP SSB and RTTY Roundup
> operations
> would be virtually nil, and the NAQP CW would share the weekend with the
> Hungarian DX Contest and the Feld Hell Sprint, which seems preferable to
> one
> of the two largest RTTY DX contests on the calendar.
> Though I acknowledge that it will be difficult to get the word out to all
> potential ops about the switch, it seems shortsighted to just leave things
> the way they are and hope that interference is minimal. NAQP ops, who by
> rule will be running 100w or less, will endure an awful lot of disruptive
> QRM, accidental though it may be, from DX and Stateside RTTY ops running
> 1.5kw.
> All totals above are from the ARRL Results Database.
> 73,
> Chris WF3C
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> Hi,
> I know there's been discussions on some of the reflectors regarding the
> weekend conflict between the NAQP CW and ARRL RTTY Roundup contests in
> January.
> I've elected to not change the historic weekend of the NAQP CW contest.
> When
> the ARRL moved the RTTY Roundup to the NAQP CW weekend in the past in 2000
> and 2005, the CW contest was held as scheduled. My review of reflector
> comments posted at that time did not reveal a serious disruption to NAQP
> CW.
> Because of the large number of NAQP participants who do not frequent the
> contest reflector and to discourage other contests from moving to the
> second
> weekend in January, I believe it's important to maintain the predictable
> date of the contest. I'm hopeful that the contesters in the two contests
> can
> cooperate to minimize the degree of overlap during the first 12 hours of
> the
> Roundup.
> I realize this decision will inconvenience those who would like to make a
> serious effort in both contests, but the good news is that it will be 2022
> before the next potential overlap.
> The rules on the NCJ web site have been updated.
> 73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn at hornucopia.com)
> Manager, NAQP CW/SSB Contests
> --
> Chris Plumblee
> 407.494.5155

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