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I would be curious what factual information you have when you make the 
statement:"" where as CW contests are declining in participation ""
I am primarily a CW contest op and I haven't noticed any drop off in 
activity. Last weekend in the 10M there were some really big CW scores for a 
band recovering from the sunspot minimum.
I am sure one of the contest sponsors could provide us with actual data 
based on log submissions but I'm not seeing any decline.

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Seems pretty stupid to have two contests sponsored by ARRL on the same
weekend. The ARRL RTTY contest will probably take away participants from the
NAQP CW anyway.

The fact is that RTTY contesting is growing where as CW contests are
declining in participation.   Every time there is a debate about RTTY vs. CW
contests you can count on a someone to point out that the RTTY contest was
scheduled on that weekend first.  Just reschedule the CW contests that
conflict (NAQP and Sprint) to another weekend so I can enjoy my preferred
mode of contesting which is CW. Please no flames. I'm not anti-RTTY.

Jeff KU8E

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