[CQ-Contest] Revised 2011 NAQP Rules

Aldewey at aol.com Aldewey at aol.com
Fri Dec 24 15:01:46 PST 2010

I want to thank everyone for the feedback provided on this NAQP CW  issue - 
especially some very thoughtful responses that  were sent directly to Bruce 
and I off the list.  Although a  number of responses were received in 
support of the change, the vast majority  did not feel this was the time to 
introduce this change to NAQP.
As Bruce points out, the amended rules for 2011 (that prohibit the use of  
automated tools in the Single Operator category) are now available on the  
NCJ Web Site and will apply to all 2011 NAQPs.   Because the  Jan/Feb, 2011 
issue of NCJ has already gone to print, be aware that the printed  rules 
shown in your copy of NCJ that you receive in the mail in the  next couple weeks 
will not show this change.  
Have a happy holiday, everyone.
Al, K0AD

In a message dated 12/24/2010 12:32:23 P.M. Central Standard Time,  
bhorn at hornucopia.com writes:

Although  the nature of contesting has been one of technological advances 
over the years  that have increased scoring opportunities, it's evident from 
the postings on  this list that the contesting community is not ready to 
adopt CW Skimmer-like  technologies in the single-op category at this time. For 
this reason and the  fact that the CW NAQP contest will be used as part of 
the team selection  criteria for WRTC 2014 starting in 2011, we've returned 
the single-op criteria  to the pre-2009 definition that prohibits the use of 
automated tools. The  rules on the NCJ web site have been updated to 
reflect this change.

73  de Bruce, WA7BNM    (bhorn at hornucopia.com)

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