[CQ-Contest] FW: [SOU] => Single-op Unassisted <sort of long>

Glenn Wyant va3dx at sympatico.ca
Sun Dec 26 05:52:47 PST 2010

Operating aids that would help me make more qsos....

A dog walker
Someone who would prepare dinner and bring it to me
Servant to bring coffee / tea whenever
A shack washroom
A working telephone screening system , especially against telemarketeers
A time machine to make younger
etc etc


> I am sure that someone could find the right words to add to the VE3EJ
> definition so that operator generated [not technology at the station
> generated] calls and frequencies could populate the BAND MAP and it could
> remain an accepted "operating aid".
> I believe that there may be a sincere group of people who would like to 
> see
> SOU evolve to allow a higher QSO rate than might be possible for a
> particular operators without additions to the currently permitted set of
> "operating aids".
> If we want to preserve the classification of SOU it is worth taking the 
> time
> to develop a set of "operating aids" that are permitted and then exclude 
> all
> others until such a time as there is clear need or overwhelming interest 
> in
> adding an additional "operating aid".


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