[CQ-Contest] Unlicensed Remote-Control.

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Thu Feb 4 02:03:42 PST 2010

As PA5KT noted, the chap operating remote in EU from USA, like his other
remote contesting efforts, is not so much of a big deal as from what I can tell
he does not submit entries & if he did, they probably would not be very big.

However, there may be a question of legitimacy as EI5DI suggested.

Rather than focus on remote operations, perhaps post-RA3CO the issue of
greatest concern is operation where CEPT does not apply.

I believe that there is some abuse of CEPT by folks who do not qualify, as
their citizenship/nationality/right-of-abode is not of the place of the licence
they use under the CEPT agreement.

Since CEPT is a carry-the-documentation-should-you-need-it deal (as
opposed to something where one must interact with local officialdom, who
would not issue a reciprocal licence/permit if the applicant did not have a
licence from his "home"), CEPT is ripe for abuse.

Look at contest results where the operator's call is of a country that is not
a CEPT participant & is from a country with no reciprocal licensing
agreement with where the operation took place.  I see a continental leader
in the results of a recent major contest where this may have been the case
& lots of other possibly dodgy entries in all sorts of contests in recent years
(including all-time records in a really major event).

Though maybe it is possible to operate where one is not allowed under the
supervision of a licensed amateur.  However I wonder, since the "unlicensed"
person is not qualified to operate at _all_, does supervision make that
operation "assisted"?  The "unlicensed" person is technically not qualified to
do any of the operating functions by themselves... which in radiosport tends
to make an SO into SOA.  There may also be third-party traffic restrictions
that apply.

Another way someone who cannot legitimately operate an amateur station
in a contest is a multi-op where the operators are not identified.

I suspect contest sponsors do not check any of this.

73, ex-VR2BG/p.

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