[CQ-Contest] Wanna win a contest this weekend?

Robert Chudek - K0RC k0rc at citlink.net
Sun Feb 7 13:01:59 PST 2010

Yup, another MN QSO Party is written into the books. All mobilers returned 
safe, intact, and satisfied. There was a mile stretch of road where one 
station was "cutting new tracks" through a foot of snow ahead of the 
snowplow, but their keen driving skill kept them out of the ditches.

Thanks to everyone for participating again this year. Remember to send in 
you Cabrillo log files to mnqp at isd.net by March 15th, 2010. There are plenty 
of opportunities to win your state or country. My previous posting was for 
the SO Low Power category, but there are others open for new records too. It 
might be your log! Send it in!

Here's the link to all the standing records (thanks to our president Bill, 
ACØW and score keeper Rich, NØHJZ for tabulating this information): 

For several years many MNQP mobilers have used APRS to provide active 
location identification. This year their "planned itineraries" were linked 
with these interactive maps. Thanks go to Pat, KØPC who created this new 

If you missed this tool, you can still take a look at the concept. There are 
two views. One is the combined rover coverage that shows MN counties and 
color codes them according to how many mobile stations are expected. The red 
color indicates only 1 mobile will visit a county, making it more critical 
to get logged. See that view here:  http://tinyurl.com/yfynwyx

The other view is the planned route for each mobiler. This shows the order 
which they expect to visit their list of counties. Use this link 
http://www.w0aa.org/rovers.htm  and then select a mobile station of 
interest. Click the "County Route Map With APRS" link. This takes you to a 
mini-map with an overview of the route. Next, click the "View Larger Map" in 
the lower left corner. This brings you to a full page display with the 
planned route listed on the left. Clicking on any of the county names will 
bring up a "helper" window on the map to the right, identifying the county 
you have selected.

We invite feedback from the contest community how this system worked for you 
and if there are other considerations that would increase the usability for 
participants. It is my opinion this new system would replace the Excel 
workbooks I have created in the past. The new system can be updated at the 
last moment and provides a tool for anyone who has internet access and a 

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

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I wanna go to Nunavut this weekend, just need one Q to win an award (if no
one else goes there and make 2+) Any cheap airfares from Sweden, ummm, where
do I change planes?

Seriously guys, great initiative!  Good that your roads are clear and I
presume your snow-chains are in the trunk.

Best regards,

in Stockholm, Sweden
Over the freezing-point, very mushy streets

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