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I needed to check with The Boss, KX9X, to be sure this is correct.  The policy for all ARRL contests is that contacts with unique call signs or with stations that make contacts, but don't submit them, will count unless there is a contact submitted from a different call sign at the same time.  The process is more involved than that, but that's the general policy.  So even if somebody tunes by and hands out a few contacts without ever submitting them, the contacts will count. This is just like the current log checking process.

It is also fully expected that real-time scoring will result in new and interesting phenomena that require new policies, but this isn't one of them.

73, Ward N0AX
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  That I can also live with,


  One more question,,  what happen to all the QSO's that are the equivalent of random QSO's  that happen on any other contest where the other station is NOT in the test, and is just giving out contacts and never submits a log.  what happens there in this new verify thing?

  Joe WB9SBD

  The Original Rolling Ball Clock

  Ward Silver wrote: 
Just to clear up a couple of misconceptions - it will not be necessary for a QSO to be submitted instantly for it to be validated by the software.  I can't speak exactly as to the details, but the general idea is to build up a list of submitted QSOs.  As the software is able to match them up, they'll be validated and points added to the score.  If a QSO is not submitted, the server will be "open for business" until ten minutes after the contest and then stop accepting QSOs.  It will then go through the entire list of non-validated QSOs and match up all that it can.

So you don't have to be on-line for the whole contest.  Once an hour or once at the end of the contest will be fine.  The score will turn out to be the same either way.

Eventually, after people figure out how easy it is to do this and more programs incorporate the QSO submittal interface, like having cq-contest and 3830 we'll begin to wonder how we ever did without it.

73, Ward N0AX
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