[CQ-Contest] Real-time logging has already been done

Sun Feb 14 07:13:51 PST 2010

There is also some kind of Scandinavian contest that uses the cluster to do
real time logging using announce/full... really not a good idea because of
the flood of announces, but shows a way to do it without the internet in
some areas. 

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> Bravo to the ARRL creating a contest with sensible log submission
> deadline. 30 days to submit logs is a ridiculously long period of time.
> Personally I'd take it a step further and go with real-time logging sooner
> rather than later. Real-time logging has been done for some of the VHF
> Sprints a few years ago. And I must say as a long time VHF contester the
> real-time scoring angle was an absolute blast. It added a completely new
> dimension to contesting. Instead of the contest feeling like a long
> "slogging" event, it felt more like a real race, and you got an update
> every 10 minutes or so for how your competition was doing. It provided
> additional motivation to really work the band. And immediately when the
> contest was over I knew right away how I did compared to my competition.
> Even better was that when the contest was over, the contest was *done*,
> and I mean everything, no time spent prepping logs to submit, no waiting
> months to see the results.
> The VHF Sprint real-time logging info is here:
> http://www.rfsport.com/
> Duane
> N9DG
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