[CQ-Contest] ARRL Rookie Contest--submitting contacts in real time?

Wayne, W5XD w5xd at writelog.com
Sun Feb 14 20:29:44 PST 2010

The rules here:
Say this:
	"All contacts must be submitted to the Rookie Roundup online scoring

and continues on to say something that might be construed to mean that
"www.getscores.org" fulfills the requirement. But...take a look at
www.getscores.org and there doesn't seem to be anything new there about
logging "contacts". I am familiar with how that website has worked in the
past (having written some software to support uploading scores to it) and am
not aware of any ability to submit contacts to it, nor do I see any
documentation on www.getscores.org that says how one might do it. The only
hint I have found on how this might be done is the comment on the ARRL web
site rules posting that N1MM Logger already complies with the rules. 

April 18 only about 8 weeks ago as I type this. Getting software together to
comply with rather new rules--especially with new, real-time log submission
rules--likely takes longer than that. Having unambiguous specifications for
what the software is supposed to do is a prerequisite. I haven't found those
spec's yet. Is there more information than what's on .../2010/rr.html?

Wayne, W5XD

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