[CQ-Contest] LQP Results CORRECTION

K6VVA - Rick cqtest97 at k6vva.com
Tue Feb 16 18:06:00 PST 2010

Sunday Night was an all time high for Locust QLF in the processing of the
2010 LQP Logs and Results.  With substantial egg on my face, I humbly offer
what I hope to be thee final correction to my over-rushed work.  I guess I
shouldn't feel too bad in light of the recent IARU log processing glitches.
How's that for rationalization?


I have become so programmed with the AD6E callsign as a fellow NCCC member,
that in my haste, I also apparently jumped over the fact that AL's entry was
to have gone into the LQP/NCCC NS NOOB Category.  For some reason, I always
think of LQP NOOBS as being Non-NCCC'ers.  I searched all my past LQP logs
but found no AD6E entries.  I even checked many historic NS logs.  Nada.
Zip.  Both AL and I are 99% sure he is a bona fide LQP/NCCC NS NOOB entry.
That's close enough for LQP work.


So how to resolve this embarrassing situation for the LQP Sponsor?  Easy .
Locust Creative Accounting and Post Event Log Processing Rules Adjustment
:^)  In fact, the solution I rapidly came up with will establish a Precedent
for future LQP Events.  That being, in the LQP/NCCC NS NOOB category, to
have ONE NCCC Member and ONE Non-NCCC Member Winner.  This actually makes
more since, especially since the regular Categories already separate out
W6/W7 NCCC territory members from Non-NCCC'ers.  As the LQP Sponsor, I
hereby certify that I am self-authorized to make these changes :^)  Better
an addition than a subtraction, IMHO.


Therefore, I am pleased to announce that we now have TWO LQP/NCCC NS NOOB
Category Winners for the 2010 LQP:  AD6E (NCCC) and K9JWV (Non-NCCC).  Both
will receive an NCJ Subscription (or Renewal).  Accordingly, I have revised
the 2010 Results and uploaded the .pdf URL to the http://www.k6vva.com/lqp


Sincere apologies again to all who were victims of my log processing QLF
this year.  I will try to implement some kind of Computer log checking for
the 2011 LQP, because computers never make mistakes {GRIN}.


Tnx & 73.


Rick, K6VVA * The Locust


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