[CQ-Contest] I’ll Host A Rookie, but ….

w2lc at twcny.rr.com w2lc at twcny.rr.com
Thu Feb 18 10:16:08 PST 2010

I’ll Host A Rookie, but ….

I would be glad to host a rookie contester at my station, as modest as it is, but not too bad, 80ft tower, stacked yagi’s.  Old TS-930.  Okay they can bring their own radio if they want.

However … Being one of those on the “trailing edge of technology” my station has some limitations
(see Rochester Electronics trademark at http://www.rocelec.com/)

1) I do not have the capability for “real time scoring”.

K0RC said:  “It's time to log on to www.getscores.org. You [sic] contest software already supports this technology.”  

It does? Sorry Bob, no it doesn’t. I cannot do real time scoring.  My limitations:  1) no internet on the logging computer, 2) my software does not do real time scoring (using old CT and TR here, depending on the contest, on old windows 98 PC).  No need for a keying interface.  And I’m not interested in getscores.org anyway.  Yes I have a decent laptop, but use it for logging?  Why?  My radio does not have a computer interface (too old), neither does the rotor control, nothing in my station has a PC interface. I don't do spotting or assisted, not interested. And I like the old SW I’m using, it fits my operating style. 

N1MM logger?  Yuck.  I tried it once, but not my style. 

2) Submit logs within 10 minutes?  Well that is possible even though my logging computer does not have internet access.  But I’ll have to move fast (or the rookie will), and hope that the internet is not down at the time. A contest with a 10 minute deadline will be a contest I do not operate. To the person who said “rookie mistake” to the 10 minute rule. I agree.

And to the person who said they would rather receive a log correct than fast, right you are. I have screwed up a log submission or two. Like my 160m log, but I'll save the rest of that story for later.

3) Isn’t a rookie someone who has not operated a contest, and not really tied to the length of time having a license? How about my son with the Novice license who has never operated in a contest?  He certainly would be a "rookie" to contesting.  But, he does not qualify because he has been licensed almost 10 years.  Too bad that a potential first time contester is excluded like that.

Seems that licensed less than 3 years is an awfully small audience.

4) Looks like I need to spend more than $5,000 to update my station; computer ($1k), radio ($4k), better internet access ($$?), keying interface ($100), new software (free?), etc… so that I can have a guest op for the rookie contest.

I don't want some poor rookie getting a DQ or check-log because of me.

73 Scott W2LC

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