[CQ-Contest] I’ll Host A Rookie, but ….

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Fri Feb 19 14:01:02 PST 2010


Tom, you big lid! Tom N2CU knows me all too well. I have a decent computer. I just got high speed internet access two years ago (cable), ahhh the good life.  I'm at the end of the line here, one more house and I'd still be on dial-up. Nearest DSL and fiber are about 3-4 miles away. Not like that big city of Boston (New York that is) that N2CU lives in.

My thoughts on real time scoring/logging, and other comments I received;

1) I'm not interested in real time scoring or getscores.org. No appeal to me. I could not care less about it.
I could (the rookie could) do the web log entry method mentioned, so it can be done, even here with non-ideal assets.
I guess logging speed is not an issue for a rookie contest.

Any rookies want to relive the 50's? I have some old QSTs here.

Learn something in SS? Huh? Mike, how could you say that, I'm so insulted. 
I hold the high power WNY section record in phone SS you know! 
Only kidding Mike.

2) N1MM logger, tried it, didn't like it. Tried it in the NYQP, then I paper logged NYQP. I need some learnin’ with that software.  I’ve done a few multi-singles here, so time to learn something new. I still need to get an internet connection into the radio room though, but easy enough.

3) Buy a PC whatever board for a TS-930? No, too old a radio. I had to replace the RF power transistors a couple months ago. Putting more money into a TS-930 is probably not worth it at this point. The transistors were about $85 plus shipping. Someday it’ll go to that big radio room in the sky, and I’ll buy a new radio. The TS-930 has served me well.

4) K3 or FT-2000?  Sure I'd like one, someday I'll dig up that communion money I buried in the back yard (ha ha very funny Tom) and get into the 21st century. Spend the kids college money maybe. I’m kidding again. The SW/rig interface sure would be nice. You guys have me thinking now.

But then again …   My best CQWW CW was about 2550 QSO’s and 4 millions points.  How much higher would that score have been with a K3 or FT-2000 rather than my TS-930? Am I going to work another 500 QSO’s with a new radio? Probably not. One of the reasons that a new radio is not high on my list. I think I did SO2R that year, so that won't help unless I get better at it.

So, if there are any rookie contesters around WNY who want to guest op let me know. It can be done, even with my old junkie radios. I’m too embarrassed to tell all you guys what the other one is. 

And yes I have indoor plumbing too!  And a C-ment pond in the back.

73 "Jed Clampett" W2LC

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