[CQ-Contest] Computer Controlled Rigs.

Bob AD5VJ rtnmi at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 21 16:11:34 PST 2010

Mal is right. 

Also remember when you say Icom you are saying tentec because as far as the
CI-V protocol they both use the same computer control methods and protocol.

Might add they also both do not report the second VFO and on some of the
older icoms you cannot command it into split operation using computer
control only manually.

For contesting and computer control *in my opinion* Yaesu is the way to go
as long as you filter up and do your mods all the others lack all the wrong


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> Joe stay away from ICOM. They make you buy extra 'shtuff' to connect
> their
> rigs to a computer. Yaesu and Kenwood are pretty much straight forward,
> plug-n-play.
> Good Luck
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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Computer Controlled Rigs.
> Has anyone made a list of all the rigs that can be computer controlled?
> I'm going to be in the market to get a used rig, (new to me,  I mean
> really new to me my rig now is a Drake TR-4!)  But If I'm going to
> upgrade, I may as well at least go as high as a rig that can be
> computer
> controlled.
> Now Nothing New mind you,  I can not afford them thats for sure!  So I
> was wondering if anyone has made a web page that has listed what rigs
> are computer controllable for use with many of the logging programs
> like
> N1MM, N3FJP  etc.
> Joe WB9SBD
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