[CQ-Contest] Computer Controlled Rigs.

R Johnson k1vu at tmlp.com
Sun Feb 21 17:15:02 PST 2010

I'll take exception to your remarks on ICOM Rigs.

All you need is a different type of cable.

For RIGS using RS-232 Serial connections, you need to buy or build the
cable with the correct wiring, pin-outs, and connector sex.

ICOM and Radio Shack use a 2 wire Serial bus.
You can buy a USB to CI-V Serial cable on EBAY for about $10 delivered. 
Or you could buy the RS cable for about $30 at your local RS.

This is truly "Plug and Play". Just plug the USB conn. into a USB port on
your computer and plug the Mini Jack into the CI-V port on the ICOM rig.
That's it, DONE!

All the local ICOM owners are using the $10 EBAY version to do computer control.

Bob, K1VU
At 18:18 2/21/2010, N7mal wrote:
>Joe stay away from ICOM. They make you buy extra 'shtuff' to connect their 
>rigs to a computer. Yaesu and Kenwood are pretty much straight forward, 
>Good Luck
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>Has anyone made a list of all the rigs that can be computer controlled?
>I'm going to be in the market to get a used rig, (new to me,  I mean
>really new to me my rig now is a Drake TR-4!)  But If I'm going to
>upgrade, I may as well at least go as high as a rig that can be computer
>Now Nothing New mind you,  I can not afford them thats for sure!  So I
>was wondering if anyone has made a web page that has listed what rigs
>are computer controllable for use with many of the logging programs like
>N1MM, N3FJP  etc.
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