[CQ-Contest] Icom Level Converter (was Computer Controlled Rigs.)

Brad Hedges bdhedges at hughes.net
Sun Feb 21 20:13:39 PST 2010

All that the Icom level converter is, is exactly that - a level converter.
It is a TTL-level (0-5 volts) to RS-232 (+/- 12 Volts) converter.
Generically it is a "max232", which is a now industry-standard that was
originally (and still is) produced by the Maxim IC company, and produced in
many variants including those which use five external capacitors (like the
original) and those with internal caps to construct a charge pump. It's
really easy to wire up point to point or on a breadboard for just a few
bucks, and is what I use with my 2nd radio (an IC-761).

HTH & vy 73,


Makes one wonder just what's in that Icom level converter.

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