[CQ-Contest] Cut numbers and logchecking

Rex Lint rex at lint.mv.com
Mon Feb 22 06:06:02 PST 2010

If one were to "just log what was sent," one would have to write the dits
and dahs! - you have already had to do ONE interpretation in symbols. K8CC's
answer is the most definitive I've seen after reading reams and reams of
"what do I log?" discussions!  Thanks for weighing in, Dave.

       Rex Lint
       Merrimack, NH 

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Well, Dave, I guess I'll just have to edit all the cut numbers sent to 
me by the "free thinkers" out there in the ARRL CW DX contest -- after I 
figure out exactly what they mean.

Let's see, among the endearing substitutes for numbers this weekend, I 
can recall receiving "JAA," "ATT," and my own personal favorite . . . 
"1OO" as in the numeral one followed by the letter "O" and a second 
letter "O". Ah, the integration of the alphabet with base 10 integers, 
yielding a new strain of cut numbers! Now that's forward thinking 

And earlier on in this thread there was a comment about not being able 
to run 555 watts. Think again! One station did send "555" as their 
power. Never say never when it comes to cut numbers.

Jack   K2RS  (who's looking for a 12-step "5NN" rehab group)

David Pruett wrote:
> Jack,
> I'm the logchecker for the ARRL 10M contest where DX stations send 
> serial numbers and yes it *is* your job to interpret sent cut numbers.  
> The rules specify that for a valid DX (i.e, non-W/VE) QSO, you must 
> receive a valid RS(T) and a valid serial number.  Cut digits are not 
> numbers.  They are simply "on-the-air shorthand", and even then there 
> isn't necessary a standard set of "cut" characters.  If you can't 
> interpret what they sent, you need to ask for a repeat; you're the only 
> one who can.
> I don't accept the argument that you're "just copying what they sent".  
> I haven't seen a single Cabrillo log submitted to us that shows cut 
> digits in the sent serial number, so even if we were to accept cut 
> numbers in your log, you're most likely going to lose the QSO anyways 
> because what you copied doesn't match what is shown as sent in the log 
> from the station you worked.  It's certainly not the logchecker's job to 
> interpret cut numbers, because we weren't there when the QSO was made.  
> The only station who can interpret a received cut number is the 
> receiving station.
> Here's a real world example from the 10M contest a few years ago.  
> Somebody worked a KH0 and logged a received exchange of "599 NE".  Now 
> is that the KH0's 95th QSO or did he relocate to Nebraska?  As the 
> receiving station, there are things you can do to resolve this; for 
> example, if he's running you can hang around and listen to what he sends 
> to the next station.  If he answered your CQ, you can ask "NEB?" or "nr
> I can't necessarily speak for all ARRL contests, but my logchecking 
> orders from ARRL HQ are that a serial number must contain all numeric 
> digits to be valid.
> 73, Dave/K8CC
> K2RS wrote:
>> Dont' have a clue what the "J" stands for, Randy. I'm just logging what 
>> they send. I could be wrong, but it's not our job to "interpret" cut 
>> numbers, is it?
>> Jack,   K2RS
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