[CQ-Contest] What Do You Do about US Stations Calling US in ARRL DX?

Dave Sloan desloan at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 22 10:42:03 PST 2010

   I think that most contesters feel that it is just easlier to work them.
Lots of time they do not understand what you mean and come back with
additional questions. Which means you end up spending more time than if you
had just worked them. Most logging programs will allow you to log the
contact and award it 'zero' points. The same is true for dups. Just go ahead
and work them. Otherwise some will come back and tell you they do not have
you in their log. Again by this time you could have just worked them and
moved on.

TNX & 73,
Dave N0EOP

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This weekend I had several U.S. stations calling me during the ARRL DX
Contest.  I do not like to ignore them, but don't want to take the time to
work them.  I settled in saying "sri no us in test tu" and kept calling CQ.
What is proper etiquette?



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