[CQ-Contest] What Do You Do about US Stations Calling US in ARRL DX? - The results

W7VJ w7vj at millerisar.com
Mon Feb 22 19:12:39 PST 2010

First, many thanks to those of you who took the time to respond.  Excellent
thoughts and much appreciated.


The virtually unanimous response was work them and move on.  Indeed.


Clearly, however uninformed the caller may be, the caller deserves some type
of response, even if it is to work the station and not log it - if not for
their benefit, but for our own. Truly, there is no need for contesters to be
arrogant or to indirectly give the sport a bad name by ignoring the
uninformed.  My somewhat longer answer to U.S. callers was an effort to
inform, but in the heat of a contest, even that doesn't work in some cases,
particularly when so many people fail to listen even in non-contest
situations (a la "up five" and the guy keeps calling on the DX frequency).


I had one U.S. station ask me repeatedly to QRS so he could get my call.  I
tried to work through him.. He finally got my call and called me.  Now that
is dedication.


Ok, 'nuff said, work 'em, log 'em if you want, and keep going, and hope they
will realize the error of their ways.


Again, many thanks to all of your exceptional comments.





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