[CQ-Contest] Cut number "J"

Dennis Younker NE6I NE6I at cox.net
Mon Feb 22 20:08:43 PST 2010

Just a thought....I did not hear this station but could it be possible that 
he was sending a bit sloppily and was actually sending 1T (as in 10 watts)? 
I know that Randy is a very experienced and skilled operator, and heard 
accurately what was sent.  But did the transmitting station have a little 
extra space between the third and fourth "dah" making it sound like JTT?

--Dennis NE6I

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> Can someone tell me what the cut number J is supposed to  represent?  Guys
> keep sending 5nnjtt and I can't decide if they mean 100  or 200!
> Randy, K5ZD
> ====================
> Perhaps it means neither 100 or 200, but rather that the guy is bragging
> about his perfectly matched antenna system, with no reactive impedance
> components showing at his transmitter output.
> 73   -   Jim   K8MR
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