[CQ-Contest] CQ TEST or CQ DX

W7VJ w7vj at millerisar.com
Tue Feb 23 18:10:28 PST 2010

Sorry, Ward, I don't get this... CQ DX?  Then one might think that the
station is DXing and not contesting adding to the confusion.  I have yet to
hear anyone in a contest consistently calling CQ DX.  That's like changing
standard operating procedures to satisfy the infinitesimally limited number
of those who are uninformed.  Did the K3LR team call "CQ DX?"


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Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 22:58:01 -0800
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQ TEST or CQ DX
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Part of the reason US stations call is that we are calling "CQ TEST", not
"CQ DX".  95% of the time, somebody calling "CQ TEST" is perfectly happy to
get a contact from anywhere, including same-country stations.  I'm not
suggesting anybody change the way they call CQ, just pointing out that from
the call it is not intuitively obvious that only DX stations are being
sought.  Work 'em and move on - if you log them, fine.  If you are getting a
lot of them, then maybe calling CQ DX would be a good strategy.

73, Ward N0AX (thanks to our DX friends for great fun at K3LR)


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