[CQ-Contest] USA stations in ARRL DX

Jorge Diez - CX6VM cx6vm.jorge at adinet.com.uy
Wed Feb 24 11:59:45 PST 2010

It happens in the other side also, I was called for many JA stations, I have
in my ARRL log 27 JA and 1 HL station that they called me during the ARRL.


Usually they are new hams that need this country for DXCC, in the case of
USA stations, maybe they need the state for WAS or they are county hunters,
you know that in ARRL you can work many USA stations that they are not in
other contests. 


I worked this JA during very low rate, very boring calling CQ TEST, so if no
one contest me from USA I not had problem to work this JA station.


I started in 160 mts two years ago just during ARRL contests, I heard Herb
KV4FZ and PJ2T very strong!, I heard them for many minutes calling without
an answer so I try a call. They very kind answer to me, where new ones for
me in topband!.  So this is how this guys feel when calling you during a
contest and are not valid contest QSO´s.







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